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  • How old does my child need to be to join the club?
    We accept children from 2.5 years old with parents participating in the classes. These classes are temporarily closed until September 2022.
  • Can boys join the club?
    Yes, we accept boys for our Pre-School classes aged 2.5 - 4 years. Unfortunately, we can't currently accept boys for our recreational classes.
  • Do you have a club uniform and where can I purchase it?
    Yes, we have a club uniform for training and a competitive tracksuit for squad gymnasts; you can purchase both through the Shop page. New starters can wear a black T-shirt and black shorts to start with.
  • Does my child need to purchase FIG Approved apparatuses?
    Yes, all of the gymnasts need FIG Approved apparatuses for Rhythmic Gymnastics, except our Pre-School gymnasts. New starters can use the club's apparatus for the first few weeks.
  • Does my child need a competitive leotard?
    Yes, if selected for a competition. Some leotards can be hired or purchased through the Shop page.
  • Can my child join the development squad training and what is the process?
    Yes, your child can be selected for squad training when they show interest and skills. The squad must train 8+ hours a week to be able to participate in competitive competitions. The selection happens throughout the whole year and a child can be selected at any time.
  • My child did competitive gymnastics abroad, can she join a competitive group?
    Yes, once a child show interest and the required skills they can join the squad team.
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